Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Roof Replacement Cost Calculation Considerations

When you want to calculate a roof replacement cost you will need to know several pieces of information. The first one is the size of the roof. Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material in the United States, are sold by the square. For a roof a square is 100 square feet which is an area 10 x 10. Asphalt roof shingles are usually sold in bundles of about 25 shingles and it takes about three bundles to equal a square.

When you know the area of the roof you can figure out how many squares of asphalt shingle are going to be needed to figure the roof replacement cost. To know more about the roof replacement cost, visit any one of the home improvement write for us blog. This is probably the easiest part of figuring out the roof replacement cost. But you also have to consider the quality of the asphalt shingle your roofer is going to use.

There are different time periods roofing material is guaranteed for and different weights of shingles also. The cheaper the materials the less time the roof will last.

Included in the rest of the replacement roof cost will be the tearing off and haul away of the old roof. This will be in the labor costs.

You will need to have new roofing felt and flashing. The roofing felt comes in different weights so we are using 30# felt for the base.

When the contractor inspected the roof before he made up a proposal or bid he would have walked the roof. Also you will tell him how long you think the existing roof has been on the structure. He would know if you will require new vents and pipe jacks. If your roof currently has skylights then you may have to consider replacing them.

They also age and if you are having a roof re-roofed then you may as well replace the skylights at the same time. They are not a high dollar item and they will have the flashing installed at the same time as the roof instead of finding out they leak at some future point and have to then replace them.

They may have to replace some gutter or install a new down spout or fix some dry rot or even replace some of the roof decking. All of these add to the cost of the actual asphalt shingles. There are many components in roof replacement cost calculations that cant be known unless you are inspecting the roof.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Hall Console Tables Set the Mood for Your Home

Just as the average person forms an impression of you within 15 seconds of your first meeting, the foyer or entryway of your home sets the tone for their greeting and thus, deserves thought and attention. It's the first opportunity to make your guests relaxed, and just as importantly, to help you downshift into relaxation mode after a hard day at the office or for any extended time away from the home. 

The furniture in this entryway speaks volumes toward the goal of reaching that first, positive impression. Can hall console tables help do all this? Yes!

Generally, the first thing a person does when entering their home is to set down their keys, briefcase, homework, or groceries. A conveniently located and appropriately sized table helps take the load off, both literally and mentally. Naturally, the size of hall console tables will be determined by both the space around it and its primary use. 

If your table sits in a small entryway with only enough space for a beautiful bouquet, or aromatic candles, it will still make a statement and set the mood. Your psyche and that of your guests will appreciate your attention to detail and welcoming message! 

To help achieve this goal, make sure the hall table does not overwhelm the area around it or block the flow of traffic. While there is no set formula to determine this, you can easily place tape on the floor to designate the future home of your table and make sure you are still able to move freely around it.

Unlike a living room or bedroom, where pieces need some semblance of uniformity, hall console tables likely will not be competing visually with the look of other furniture. This may mean you have many more options on the shape and color of your piece: square and rectangular hall console tables are common, as is the ever-popular but classic half-moon shape. 

If space allows, you may consider a round table that could serve a double use for overflow dining or playing cards and games. Take advantage of greater choices online if you have a usually shaped area, which may afford a long and narrow table or one that is a unique artistic centerpiece.

Does the hall table need to reflect its surroundings? Depending on ceiling height, trim, paint color, flooring materials and size of the entryway, you may consider dark, heavy wood such as mahogany or even stone, as the Romans did. Conversely, perhaps your entry is light and airy, dictating glass, teak or even bamboo.

Nothing ruins the mood more than clutter. Particularly if you have a large family, the option for drawers or shelves in your hall console tables could be a must! Perhaps you need a combination of both to accommodate a busy household or because of limited storage space. 

Fortunately, purchasing hall console tables online provides unlimited choices, saving you time and money. Unlike factory or furniture department stores, you can easily browse through the choices with a click of your mouse or use a search feature to find the exact style or brand name you are interested in to view a variety of styles and options to fit your particular situation.

Unless you have a very vivid imagination, it can be difficult to picture your future furniture item in the room where it will reside. Shopping from the comfort of your own home helps you visualize the pieces in their eventual surroundings.

Whatever your budget, the substantial savings on free shipping eases the stress on your pocketbook and can add flexibility to your final decision, giving your peace of mind and greater satisfaction with your new purchase

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Shabby Chic - A Beautiful Home on a Budget

Want to update your look, but have a limited budget

Shabby chic decor is the perfect choice for you! You may find most of what you need in your attic, basement, or even at garage sales and flea markets!

When decorating in Shabby chic style, just about anything that is worn or has an antique look to it will work. The look is elegant and timeless, and unlike other decorating styles, the pieces do not have to match. As long as all your pieces have the charming and worn look, and are closely related in color, it will look fabulous!

A lot of Shabby chic decor you will find are light to white in color, with a distressed, old looking finish. You can easily and affordably accomplish this look yourself on pieces you may already have. Simply remove the old stain, apply some ivory or white paint, then lightly sand the edges to give it that charming, old antique look.

Fabrics widely used in Shabby chic decor come in many different choices. Very popular are floral prints, but checks and stripes can also be used as long as the colors are in the pale, muted pastel shades of greens, pinks, ivory or gray. Using rugs that are well-worn in the same shades adds warmth and an aura of days gone by to your home. For your windows, use sheers in a delicate muted shade with a light floral pattern. This will add an airy feeling to your room.

Accessories are very important when decorating in the Shabby chic style. Use mirrors that have the distressed finish frames, or even a delicate pastel floral pattern around the edges. You may also want to use metal plant stands that are white-washed and have the worn look, with beautiful greenery flowing gently over the sides. Adding a few pastel colored vases filled with delicate flowers, and an elegant, stone-look lamp are also nice touches. Other accessories you can use are worn looking wall sconces, throws and pillows on the sofa in the same muted pastel colors. There are endless options to make your home an inviting, warm place that others love to visit!

With a little imagination, time and effort, you can turn your home into a showplace that will remind visitors of the elegant, relaxed period of an era from long ago. And the nice thing is it won't cost you a fortune!

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